Sunday, October 30, 2011

Official bathroom befores (+ current progress)

Master Bathroom demolition has begun!

First order of business was to take as many "Before" pictures as possible (there never seems to be enough of those after the fact). There had to be several shots taken since the room is so small and chopped up, and my lens is not wide angle {insert sad face here}.

So in an effort to make everyone understand the layout... here they are.

The room is comprised of 3 separate spaces: vanity, closet, and shower/toilet room.

Here's the view from the master bedroom, looking in:

Here's the view after scooting to the left, looking at the vanity:

Another of the vanity, for good measure.

Here's the view of the vanity from the closet:

And this would be the view of the closet entrance...

Now for some messy closet shots. Starting from the door, going clockwise:

This closet SO desperately needs a makeover... must start saving.

Anyway, here is the shower/toilet room:

And one more of the vanity from the shower area:

I think that covers every square inch of the bathroom! As you can see it's a fairly small area (although it feels ginormous compared to our one and only teeny tiny bathroom in our LA house). So I can't complain.

This morning, Brad and neighbor Joe did a bit of demo to kick things off. It didn't go exactly as planned at first... one of the water lines under the sink snapped and was gushing water for a good 5 minutes while Brad was running around trying to find the piece to shut the water off. The bathroom flooded but luckily it didn't reach the wood in our bedroom (the carpet helped soak it up—I guess it's good for one thing).

All is well now and ready for tile...

The tile guy starts tomorrow, can't wait! We also finally purchased the vanity:

Grand total came to.... drumroll please.... $910 shipped! A big chunk of change, yes, but a seriously good deal for a large vanity with storage, a top, sinks, mirrors and shelves. It was originally listed for $1010 shipped, but I offered $100 less in exchange for leaving the faucets out since we plan to buy oil rubbed bronze ones. I purchased it here if anyone's interested. I'll be sure to give my review once it's here!

There's a lot left to do in the coming weeks, but now that I'll be working from home after next week it should be much more manageable. Thanksgiving sounds like a reasonable goal to be 100% completed (that also marks one year of living in this house, woo!).

Stay tuned, this is going to be one good before & after.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Masterbath Plan.

I last spoke about this back in May, when we were in the middle of what felt like a thousand projects at once. Then the bad news came and we had to put a halt to everything.

Now that we're financially able to continue, we're jumping right back into our master bathroom reno. And I'm excited. Very, very excited for this one.

First of all, let me show you how horrific our bathroom currently is.

This was taken back when we were still moving in... excuse the mess.

It's small, so it's hard to capture all in one picture, but basically it's 3 rooms: a vanity/sink area, a closet, and a toilet/shower room. I'll definitely take some better before's before demo starts.

The color scheme is beige everything. Walls, carpet, vanity, tile, even the toilet! It's not a good situation.

We left off trying to decide which color scheme to go with.... beige/green/blue, or white/grey/blue...

And we've finally decided.... the winner is.... the greys!

This mosaic tile had me at hello.

And here's my vision...

This is the floor tile we chose:

It's part of the Bambu series in Grigio, found here.

We're going to lay the 12x24" tile in a brick pattern on the floor (throughout the whole space, closet included).

We'll be tiling the entire vanity wall with the mosaic marble/glass, up to the ceiling. We're also going to run an accent strip along the floor step into the shower.

This tile can be found here.

The tile is not available for purchase directly though, we went to a wholesale club and purchased through our installer to get the discount (50% off). We ended up getting the floor tile at $3.70/sf and the mosaic for $9.73. Total cost came to $808.40 out the door, which I think was a great deal.

As for the vanity.... it had been a struggle to find something we loved that didn't totally break the bank. Originally we were thinking of using two separate vanities, but I couldn't find any in our style, with enough storage, with drawers (a must!) and in our budget.

So I began looking for single vanities to fill our 60" space. I came across this 59" vanity on ebay and fell in love:

It was the right color, style, price and had everything included. We knew we wanted white vessel sinks, so this was perfect. I also love how it's a floating vanity so it will make the space seem larger. We haven't purchased this yet, but I'm about to make an offer. I'll let you know the price as soon as the deal is done :)

The only thing I don't love about this is the frameless mirrors and chrome faucets. Once I see what I'm working with, I may try to frame the mirrors out with trim myself... or I'll just pick up some new framed ones (you can find them cheap at HD/Lowes, usually under $70).

I also have my eye on some ORB faucets... like these on Amazon:

That will take care of the chrome fixture problem.

For lighting, we'll be installing recessed lights in the ceiling in each area. In ceiling speakers may or may not be added at this time as well (we skipped them when we were installing them in the rooms, but it would be nice to have).

And, maybe my favorite part of this whole room.... we'll be removing the big horizontal bulb bar and installing one of these over each mirror:

I'm so in love with the rustic/nautical feel of these, and I think it will be a great way to incorporate the beachy theme from the rest of the house into this modern space, without being too over the top.

We'll keep the space light and muted by painting the walls a soft grey. Haven't picked out the exact color yet, but it will have to complement the gray tile.

Of course, we'll be ditching the almond toilet and getting a nice white push-button toilet (like we did in our guest bath).

We also plan on ripping out our built-in medicine cabinet (like we did here), but instead of the wainscoting, we want to keep it clean and drywall it in. Not sure how that will go.... but we'll figure it out. And then blog about our attempts, of course.

As for the almond-tiled shower... in a perfect world we'd rip it all out and install some beautiful white marble subway tile. But we're not quite that wealthy at the moment, so I want to try to reglaze it ourselves. In our LA home, we paid someone $350 to reglaze our bathtub and loved the results. I know there are DIY kits though which might be worth checking into, so I'll keep you updated.

I think that about covers it for now. Our tile will be here in a few days, then it's demo time, and tile installation begins in a couple more weeks. In the meantime I need to get everything ordered and ready to go... be back next time with updates!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

No-sew cloth napkins

I wanted to quickly share how I made these cloth napkins for my tablesetting:

These were a quick last minute addition that I thought of to bring a pop of color to the table. I figured it would be a fun experiment to choose my own fabric and DIY them. So I headed to Joann's and came back with my fabric of choice, on sale at under $6/yard (I bought two yards)

I knew the napkins had to be double sided, so that would mean using two pieces back to back and stitching them together somehow. Enter Stitch Witchery...

This stuff is the bomb.

Once I had my fabric laid out, I split it into four equal pieces.

I figured to make this as aesthetically pleasing as possible, I would need to trim the top piece around .5" shorter around the perimeter, fold the bottom piece over, and use the stitch witchery to "hem" them together. Like this...

After my pieces were cut, it was time to iron. I made sure the bottom piece was long enough to fold over and hide the witchery...

Once everything looked good, I folded the piece over, like so...

Then placed a damp cloth over the seam (per the instructions) and pressed the iron on for 10 seconds.

Simply repeat around the perimeter of the napkin, and voila!

A perfectly normal looking hem.

I honestly was surprised at how well these turned out. I was playing it by ear this whole time, as I have never touched a sewing machine in my life so I don't know the proper protocol for hemming... but I have to say... I could totally see these for sale in a Target aisle.

After my creations were complete, I noticed they were the perfect size for a placemat as well.

And that's the story of my $11 custom napkin-placemats.

Master bathroom reno to resume shortly... having fun picking out materials now. I'll be back soon to share the plans!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I quit my job.

Last Friday I decided to trade a job for a career. I want to share my story... and I will, soon.

For now, I'll be hibernating in my office for the next 48 hours, doing what I love, until I go back to work on Monday and finish my last 15 days of employment.

Also, check out where I was today :)

Big things are coming.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hanging in there

I'm still alive... (barely). It's been pretty insanely busy since my last post. But I did have time to squeeze in a quick trip to NYC to visit my cousin...

It was such a blast. Loved every second.

And now it's back to reality. I'm not sure if I'll have time to work on a new project this weekend, but Brad has something up his sleeve, so I'll be documenting that. Should be interesting. I also have some pretty huge news... but you'll have to wait on that :) And I still need to share my no-sew dinner napkin tutorial! It's all coming soon...